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Fierce in Flames

Published Thursday July 28

Photo: Tpgonlinedaily

A Clear-Cut Case of “How Do You Like Me Now?”

There are a lot of things a guy can forget about as the years go by. His first girlfriend, the street he grew up on, or what he did at his first job, but when it comes to what his first car was that isn’t one of those things. Hardcore car guys like John Prentice of Aptos, Cali. don’t forget about what their first car was, and in particular they don’t forget what they didn’t like about the NC

The build centers on a big-block 565 over-square cubic inches with ported pistons. Up top a pair of aluminum heads with titanium retainers and a Holley Dominator intake manifold and a 2-stage shot of nitrous adding 400-horsepower.

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